Classroom Contact Notification


Dear Parent/Caregiver,

I have been advised of a positive case of COVID-19 in your child’s class. Your child is therefore considered a classroom contact.

A classroom contact is a student or staff member who has been in a classroom, where a classroom member subsequently tests positive for COVID-19. People with COVID-19 are considered infectious two days before their symptoms started or if they didn’t have any noticeable symptoms, they are considered infectious two days before they had their positive COVID-19 test taken.

A child without symptoms may continue attending Gleeson College.

No rapid antigen testing is required for your child. However, if you do undertake a rapid antigen test for your child, and your child tests positive for COVID-19, in addition to informing the school, your child is required to isolate immediately, for a period of 7 days. You are also required to report the positive result to SA Health within 24 hours of the test by using the SA Health online form at

The Chief Public Health Officer (CPHO) has also recommended that for the next 7 days classroom contacts:

  • Avoid participating in extra-curricular activities that are not connected with the school, especially indoor community activities (eg dancing lessons, club basketball, community choir).

The CPHO has also suggested that to minimise risk to others, for the next 14 days classroom contacts should consider:

  • Avoiding high risk settings or COVID Management Plan events
  • Wearing a surgical mask around others (where age appropriate) and outside your home
  • Avoiding contact with vulnerable people outside of your workplace or family, where possible
  • Avoiding non-essential activities where possible (e.g., where there are lots of people, inside, in close contact)
  • Avoiding shared spaces and maintaining physical distance.

Additionally, please monitor your child for any COVID -19 symptoms. If any symptoms develop (even mild symptoms) students and children must not attend school, preschool or childcare and must access a PCR test for COVID-19 and follow SA Health instructions.

Thank you for your understanding and support in implementing these measures which are in accordance with the SA Health advice. Please remember to inform the College of any student absence via the Absentee SMS line or emailing

Please note we are unable to provide any further specifics due to privacy reasons. Please visit the SA Health website ( to stay up to date with the latest information on COVID-19.  

Kind regards
Joe Corbo