College Presidents' Welcome

Welcome to Gleeson College!

Established in 1989, Gleeson College was built on the core values and principles held by our founder, the late Archbishop James Gleeson. As a faith-filled community, we provide a safe and welcoming place in which students are eager to learn and grow together. Passionate staff devote their time to ensure all members of the College succeed in reaching their goals.

Gleeson College offers an immense amount of opportunities to students throughout all year levels. In 2018, Gleeson College welcomed Year 7 students into the community for the first time, along with a brand new, state-of-the-art facility to accommodate them.

Gleeson College aims to ensure that each student achieves their full potential, encouraging a culture of excellence within the College. It is important that as a community, we take pride and enjoyment in our school by recognising and congratulating the achievements of ourselves and others.This includes academic, sporting, music and the many other achievements of those within our community.

The Gleeson 10

The Gleeson 10 are an important set of values embraced and upheld by staff, students and extended members of the Gleeson College community. The Gleeson 10 has been an important aspect of the College for over 10 years, developed to focus on the importance of life-long learning and upholding a faith-filled community. Our Religious programs are also an integral part of College life, with Religious Education being taught from Year 7 to 12. Additionally, students participate in Class, House and College Masses, as well as Retreats and many other Catholic celebrations throughout the year. Being a Catholic community entails prayerfulness in everyday activities from all members of the College. Prayerfulness encompasses not only Catholic Studies, daily prayer and Masses, but also relaxation, spirituality and connecting with people and the surrounding environment.

Academic Support + Flexible Learning

Gleeson College celebrates the achievements of all students, staff and community members, striving to achieve excellence, and together promoting a culture of pride in success. To cater for all students, Gleeson College provides various academic support programs offered by dedicated, specialised staff through our Flexible Learning Centre. As per its name, this quiet space is flexible according to the student's timetable and welcomes those students who have specific learning requirements or need extra support. Furthermore, there are also opportunities for students to be academically challenged and accelerated to attain their full potential through the Ex-L program.

Student Wellbeing

Presence is highly important in everything that we do at the College. Not only the physical presence of being at school, but also the mental presence of being aware in the classroom, as well as at sporting and arts endeavours. Maintaining this presence and good mental health is crucial within our community and our excellent Wellbeing Program, involving welcoming counsellors, allow Gleeson students to get the support they need when they feel this is compromised.

Student Leadership

Student Leadership is greatly valued at Gleeson College. Representing a significant part of our history, our current leaders demonstrate excellence, constantly inspiring others and planting the seed for our future leaders. It is a unique opportunity to develop leadership skills, be a voice of students representing ones' House or one of the many facets of Gleeson College. Students within all year levels are encouraged to apply for these positions to express their talents, collaborating with staff to launch new, school or wider community initiatives, creating their impact on our College.

Sport + Our AFLW, Netball and World Football Programs

As a part of the Independent Schools Sports Association, Catholics Girls Sports Association and Secondary Schools Sport South Australia, Gleeson College has a variety of Saturday morning summer and winter sporting teams. Along with our annual College Athletics and Swimming Carnivals, Gleeson College students have the opportunity to represent at the competitive Catholic Co-Ed Athletics and Swimming Carnivals.

The Specialist World Football and Netball Programs are great opportunities at the College as students expand their skills and knowledge, training under the skilled guidance of elite coaches. The programs aim to provide students the opportunity to develop their sporting potential towards the 'elite' level, while maintaining their performance in academic studies.

Arts Program

Gleeson College's Performing Arts Program provides students with endless opportunities to develop, excel or even discover their talents in class, through extracurricular and specialised instrumental lessons. Visual Arts students have the opportunity to join the annual Melbourne Arts Trip to extend their artistic knowledge through viewing art galleries, museums and a musical. Students are also welcomed to join various ensembles including Concert and Stage Band, Vocal Ensembles and Dance Troupes, performing in Masses and Assemblies, as well as representing the College in prestigious events. These include the Generations in Jazz festival in Mt Gambier, Balaklava Eisteddfod, Adelaide Eisteddfod and the ABODA Festival. The Gleeson College Musical is a biennial production in which students of all year levels participate in, both on stage and backstage. Previously showcasing High School Musical, The Wedding Singer, Grease, Footloose - performing in sold out shows to our local and wider community!

Language + Culture

Gleeson College's Language and Cultural Programs provide a range of opportunities for students to study a language and develop a greater understanding of different cultures. Japanese and Italian are offered to students in Years 7 through 8 where they can choose to continue their studies to Year 12. Students wishing to study a language past Year 8 are offered a range of different language and cultural excursions to Central Markets and one of the major Adelaide universities. Students of Japanese in Years 10 and 11 can participate in the biennial Japan Trip. Students travel to Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Hiroshima learning about Japan's rich culture whilst getting the opportunity to extend their linguistic skills. The trip includes a 5-day homestay where the students attend Kogakuin High School in Tokyo. Students live with a family from Kogakuin for the period of the homestay giving them the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in Japanese culture. Members of the Gleeson College community also have the opportunity to host a short or long-term exchange student from Kogakuin throughout the academic year here in Australia.

Gleeson College staff, students and parents are dedicated to their roles within the community. The supportive environment of the College, and the persistent ethos, allow us all to work to the best of our ability at all times.

We invite you to explore our website and learn more about the academic and co-curricular opportunities Gleeson College has to offer.

Kailee Williams & Jacob Trimboli, 2023 College Presidents

Pictured above (L-R): Kailee Williams (College President), Rohan Fisher (College Vice President), Alex Burton (Middle School President), Jacob Trimboli (College President), Lorelai Buckley (Middle School President) and Abby Hall (College Vice President).