Deadlines Policy

Gleeson College has a policy with regards to the submission of work, tests and seeking extensions of set deadlines.


Students must submit work on the due date: Teachers will set a due date and a time e.g. the start of lesson 6 on 24/3. If a specific time has been set, then this is the deadline. The teacher may allow the work to be submitted at the end of the day - this means absolutely no later than 4.00pm on the due date. Failure to hand in the work by the deadline will result in a score of zero. The work must still be handed in by a renegotiated due date. Even though there will not be a score, feedback will be given. Choosing not to submit the work at this stage could result in further consequences.

If a student is absent for genuine reasons for the full day on which work is due, they must submit the work on the first day they return back to the College, irrespective of whether they have lessons for that subject on that day. If a student arrives late or leaves early on any day that work is due, then they must still submit the work on arrival or before departure on that day.

Copying work: Students who copy the work of another (student or published) or who provide their work to another student to copy, will receive a zero for that piece of work and can expect to receive disciplinary consequences.

Plagiarism: Is not permitted at Gleeson College. For Stage 1 and 2 students, the SACE Board of SA policies on plagiarism and verification apply. Please refer to the SACE Board of SA website for details.

It is not acceptable for students to pass up a CD / DVD / USB drive or secondary storage device to teachers for printing, unless the teacher has requested for work to be submitted in such a way. Students must print their work at home or at the College prior to the due date. The College's computer rooms are generally open for student use at lunch and after school. Outside of these times, supervised access may be possible upon request to a teacher.

Students must ensure their work is saved not only on CD, DVD or USB drive, but have all work backed up on their home (C:\) drive, their College workspace and / or emailed to their College email account. It is recommended that students have numerous backups of their work in case difficulties arise with their original source document.

Computer related excuses for not meeting deadlines will not be accepted by teachers. For example if a student's home printer is out of ink or it has broken down, USB drive has become redundant or faulty, he/she should either save it to CD / USB drive / DVD and print the work at the College prior to the deadline or email the work to his/her College email account and print the work at the College.

Extension of Deadline: Students need to fill in the 'Application for Extension' form and give it to their Subject Teacher and House Coordinator to be signed. The signed form must then be attached to the work. Students must seek approval for the extension at least 24 hours before the work is due, not on the due date.