Flexible Learning

At Gleeson College, we are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and we will strive to support each and every student to achieve their own personal excellence.

The Learning Centre is a place where individuals and groups of students identified with specific learning needs are supported to achieve excellence. We provide an inclusive learning experience to all students enrolled in Years 7 to 12. The learning and well-being of students who have been identified with specific and generalised learning needs is supported by our talented, professional and caring Inclusive Education Teachers and Support Officers.

True to its name, The Learning Centre provides support to students on a needs basis with specific programs written and tailored to the learning profiles and abilities of individual students. The Learning Centre provides individual support for students experiencing difficulties accessing the mainstream curriculum and negotiated programs, designed to offer flexible options for assessment tasks and activities. Support may be either in class, in a small group setting or on an individual one-to-one basis; allowing students to have equitable access to the curriculum.  Homework and assessments may also be adjusted according to the level of learning assistance required.

Our Learning Centre staff endeavour to stay continually up to date with advances in the field of Inclusive Education. Key staff work closely with our local partner primary schools on the transition of students with special needs. Planning on this can begin up to 12 months prior to a student beginning at Gleeson to ensure that beginning at our College is as stress-free as possible for students. At the other end, staff also cooperate with outside agencies to ensure all students are provided with the maximum opportunities in relation to school-based apprenticeships and post-school employment options, when the time to leave Gleeson College arrives.

Gleeson College also provide a quiet, safe environment called 'The Zone', during recess and lunch breaks, for students with social integration difficulties such as Asperger's.  In 'The Zone', held in The Learning Centre, students are able to develop social skills and practice these skills in a small group setting.

Students requesting special provisions in exams will be required to undertake an assessment as specified by the SACE Board of SA, who will then independently decide which provisions will be provided.  More information can be found on the SACE website: https://www.sace.sa.edu.au/web/special-provisions

In addition, our Learning Centre Teachers offer advice on pedagogy that supports differentiation in teaching and learning to the rest of the Gleeson College Teaching Staff.

Talk to a member of our friendly Learning Centre Team to learn more about how 'Flexible Learning' can help your child to achieve excellence at Gleeson College, or altenatively email Inclusive Education Leader, Renee Simanis, at: renee.simanis@gleeson.catholic.edu.au