Harassment & Bullying Prevention Policy

Harassment and bullying of any kind is not only illegal, but is contrary to the mission statement and general philosophy of Gleeson College. As a community which believes in the intrinsic worth of each individual, we will not tolerate harassment.

What is harassment and bullying?

Harassment is any actions or words which cause hurt, offence, fear, insecurity etc. This includes using electronic media such as inappropriate text messages and emails. If someone feels they are being harassed then harassment is occurring. If you feel:
  • angry or upset;
  • unsafe;
  • embarrassed;
  • hurt;
  • frightened;
  • helpless;
  • humiliated;
  • uncomfortable;
  • unfairly treated;

as a result of someone's repeated actions or words, then you are being harassed. Bullying is defined at this College as the persistent harassment of another. Any such behaviour will be treated as a serious infringement of the aims and expectations of Gleeson College.

If you are being harassed what can you do about it?   

  1. Ignore it, it may not happen again
  2. Tell them to stop: "I don't like what you are saying to me. It upsets me."  This could even be done through someone else.
  3. Talk it over with someone you trust - HG teacher, friends, parent(s)/caregiver(s), staff, House Coordinator, College Counsellor
  4. Go to the Assistant Principal or the Deputy Principal.
  5. If the matter remains unresolved go to the Principal.

What will the College do about harassment and bullying?

First instance: The College Counsellor or the House Coordinator will interview those involved and do a 'no-blame' assessment. That is, the people involved are made aware of what is happening and the inappropriateness of the behaviour. This process involves no blame or punishment. The details are recorded on a 'Harassment and Bullying Report' sheet which is passed on to appropriate staff and then placed in the student's file.

Further instances: If harassment continues, it is then assumed to be deliberate. Any negative comments towards or treatment of the person originally being harassed will be treated as deliberate bullying and will be referred to the Assistant Principal (Student Development). The Assistant Principal and the parent(s)/caregiver(s) of the student involved will meet and the following consequences may be applied:

Second reported incident: Isolation/Suspension (up to 2 days)

Third reported incident: External suspension for up to one week. Student enrolment at Gleeson College becomes subject to review.