Physical Contact Policy

Every student within Gleeson College has the right to their own personal space and should feel safe and protected against any physical violation of this space. Breaches of 'Physical Contact' can occur in a spectrum of possible situations. From premeditated and violent physical abuse, as may occur in fights or 'bashings', to avoidable physical contact during games and practices, to friendly embraces seemingly consented to by each person. Each instance will be dealt with separately, with a set of graduating consequences being applied according to the severity and/or frequency of the offence.

In particular, students must be aware of the strong stance we will take against serious physical violence with intent to harm/hurt/intimidate. Examples of this may include the use of a weapon, a gang picking on someone who by weight of numbers has no chance of defence and fighting which by its nature inflicts significant injury.

Consequences: Any student involved may immediately be given a substantial suspension of up to 2 weeks in which time the Principal and Assistant Deputy Principal will meet with the student and his/her parent(s)/caregiver(s) to discuss the conditions of re-entry to the College, if re-entry is an option. Such re-entry will include counselling.