Prohibited Substances Policy

The sale, supply, provision, handling, transmission, use and possession of a prohibited substance and/or related equipment by Gleeson College students are strictly prohibited.

This prohibition applies within the College zone (as defined) and at any event formally associated with Gleeson College and indeed while students are identifiable as members of the Gleeson College community.

Violations of this prohibition will be reported to the police.

The consequence of any deliberate violation of the above prohibition may be a supported transfer to another school campus.

Basis for Discretion

The Principal has limited discretion to modify the consequence to a period of external suspension of up to two weeks, plus compulsory drug counselling, plus a substantial period of community service.

This discretionary consideration will apply only to first offenders. The nature of the prohibited substance and the student's previous behaviour record will also be taken into consideration.

In the event of a student being suspended, any second offence will result in a supported transfer to another school campus.