Religious Education

Religious Education at Gleeson College gives students an opportunity to explore the role that faith and spirituality has for both individuals and as a wider community. As a community of faith, the Gleeson College community believes that God is active through each individual person, and that by coming to better understand life, students discover how God is acting in our lives.

Living within a 'Faith-filled Community' is evidenced through our College values. RE is a compulsory subject for students to complete from Years 7-12, all students are introduced to traditions early in their classes. There are three lessons per week dedicated to Religious Education in each year level and a Retreat program that includes a one-day Retreat for Year 7-10 students and a three-day Retreat for Year 11 and 12s. At Year 11, students attract 20 Stage 1 SACE credits and at Year 12, 10 Stage 2 credits which can be used towards their ATAR.

Teachers have excellent content knowledge and experience, which allows them to engage students in activities, classroom conversations and group collaboration, including discussion on Moral and Ethical issues facing students today. Students have the opportunity to explore not just the Catholic faith but also faiths from all over the world which helps develop them as a student of the world, understanding a range of different cultural experiences.

There are also the opportunities to be part of the CSYMA Program and Immersion Trip to Bathurst Island at Year 11.  Students can take part in Community Service Initiatives and be part of the College Social Action groups, which raise awareness of groups such as St Vincent de Paul Society, and also raise awareness of contemporary issues such as refugee crises and run fundraisers to support communities such as the Pinery Bushfire Appeal.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our Religious Education Leader, Alesia Sala, or our Assistant Principal Religious Identity & Mission (APRIM), Monica Doherty, via email at the College.