Visitors Policy

At Gleeson College we aim to ensure that we provide a safe community environment for everyone.  All members of our community have a responsibility for making sure that we can achieve this aim.  In order to provide and maintain this safe environment for all, Gleeson College students are not permitted to have visitors from outside of Gleeson College visiting them on this campus during College hours. If visitors simply wish to catch up with friends and socialise, then the response of Gleeson College will be that the appropriate time for this is outside of College hours and arrangements should be made accordingly.  Visitors to the College can be easily identified because they are wearing a Visitor's Badge and/or are under the direct supervision of a Gleeson College staff member.

Front Office staff will not allow visitors unsupervised access to students. Even in cases where a parent/caregiver wishes to see their child, the child will be found and asked to come to the Front Office rather than the parent/caregiver being directed to the child.

If an ex-student wishes to catch up with friends in the College grounds, Front Office staff will contact a member of the Leadership Team (LT) or one of the House Coordinators (YLC), who will be responsible for making a decision about the need or validity of the visit. If there seems to be legitimate cause for the visit, then the responsible LT member or YLC will authorise and follow through the visit. In any such case, the ex-student will be given a Visitor's Badge and will be supervised in the College courtyard.