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Year 7 at Gleeson College


You may be aware that in 2015 the South Australian Commission for Catholic Schools endorsed a move towards shifting Year 7 from primary to secondary settings. Catholic Education South Australia (CESA) has now implemented that decision and most Catholic schools in South Australia have made this change. This means that, for most schools, Year 6 has become the final year of primary schooling and Year 7 has become the first year of secondary schooling.

I am pleased to share with you that Gleeson College was the first to adopt this change.

  • In 2018, we began offering Year 7 here at Gleeson College.
  • From 2019, most other Catholic secondary schools joined us in commencing at Year 7.

Why move Year 7 to secondary?

This decision is primarily about meeting the learning, social and emotional needs of young people across all Catholic Schools. It is also about strengthening pathways from primary to secondary schools across Catholic Education. Offering a consistent entry into secondary school at Year 7 makes it easier for students to explore and access all options.

Where can I find out more?

You can find Gleeson is Year 7 Ready resources including a video, fact sheets and frequently asked questions below and also at I encourage you to take the time to look at these resources which outline Year 7 curriculum, pastoral support, identity and sibling discount amongst much more. We understand this move is a significant one and you are warmly welcome to discuss it with us at the College on 8282 6600 or via email.

Be assured that we will continue to keep you updated and informed. As always, the education and well-being of your child will remain our focus.

> Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

> How do I enrol my child for Year 7 for 2021, 2022 and beyond?

Please express your interest to our Registrar, Diana Quaglia, via phone call to College on 8282 6600 or the email listed at the top of this website.

> Why is Year 7 moving to the secondary setting?

We believe young people are ready for the learning opportunities provided in a secondary setting.  Access to specialist staff and facilities will promote a greater depth of learning, challenge and growth. At this age, socially and emotionally, young people are ready for more independence and can further their learning with specialist teachers in specialist facilities. Promoting Year 7 to secondary school places South Australia in line with the rest of the nation and hence allows us to fall in line with the Australian Curriculum which bands together Year 7 and Year 8 for many subjects.

> What will the curriculum structure be?

All students will engage in:

  • Religious Education
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • English
  • Humanities and Social Sciences (HaSS)
  • Health and Physical Education (incl. access to our Specialist World Football and Netball SA Programs)
  • Digital Technologies
  • Japanese or Italian
  • Pastoral Care Program
  • Visual Art
  • Music
  • Drama
  • Dance
  • Design and Technology
  • Food and Textiles Technologies

Students with additional learning needs as well as those who seek extension in their learning will have access to our Flexible Learning Centre Staff and facilities to support their learning.

> What will the class structure look like?

Year 7s will have a Middle School class structure, at Gleeson we call this a 'Learning Team'.  This sees the same group of students learning together across five key areas Mathematics, Science, English, HaSS and RE. One teacher will be with the class for Mathematics and Science and another for English and HaSS. One of these staff will also take the class for RE. This team of two teachers are provided planning time to ensure good pastoral care, class routine and expectations and engaging curriculum with the possibility of curriculum integration. At the same time, students benefit from teachers who specialise in their areas as opposed to having one generalist teacher across all these areas. Students will of course then interact with other specialist teachers for Languages, The Arts, HPE, The Technologies etc. This Middle Schooling structure has been tried and tested at Gleeson for many years and our Year 8 classes also operate under this structure.

> Quality Teaching and Support Staff

We have appointed staff with qualities to support Year 7 students academically, emotionally developmentally and spiritually as young adolescents in their move to high school.

> Student Information and Transition Events

Opportunities for students to become familiar with Gleeson and other students may include:

  • Student orientation days at Gleeson which will include interactions with potential Year 7 teachers and other key staff
  • Visits by potential Year 7 and other key staff to the Primary Schools
  • 'Gleeson Experience' days a taste of high school
  • Visits by Gleeson College students and staff to Primary Schools
  • Personal tours with families, Open Night.

Year 7 students will also begin the school year a day before several other year levels. This provides them a day to become familiar with their surroundings and the workings of the College with fewer students on-site. Upon commencement of the school year, Year 7s will also be guided through GEL-I program which orientates students through the College ICT systems, programs and etiquette.

> Parent/Caregiver Information and Transition Events

Parents and Caregivers are encouraged to partner with us in establishing a seamless transition to secondary school. We will support parents through:

  • Year 7 information sessions at Primary School sites as well as at Gleeson College
  • Parent/Caregiver Orientation and Induction events
  • Interaction with our Parents and Friends Committee (P&F) and Board Members
  • Personal tours with families, Principal's Information Sessions, Principal's Tours, Open Night.
  • Information packs

Parent support in classrooms, in hosting Exchange Students and through Board/ P&F representation is also welcomed.  Invitations are also extended to parents to attend College events such as Masses, Liturgies and Academic Assemblies.

> As parents, how are we part of the educational journey?

Parents are invited to College Masses, Assemblies, celebrations and events such as Athletics Carnivals.  The opportunity for interaction with the College does differ to that of Primary School.  Parents can volunteer to be part of a number of committees and groups (the College Board and Parents and Friends Committee are key bodies).

Term reports, Parent Information Nights, Parent-Teacher Interviews, Learning Area events and Career nights also provide opportunities for partnership in secondary school. On a day to day basis, parents can also remain part of their child's educational journey through our Learner Management System, SEQTA.  One of the features of highlight is the Marks Book. This allows you to have real time access to the grades your child is achieving in each of their subjects, view assessment tasks, drafts and feedback and final grades.  You can also see arrival at school and attendance in class lesson by lesson and update contact details among a number of other functions.  In summary, we believe that the SEQTA parent portal provides parents with an unprecedented level of information regarding their child/ren.  For more information, please visit

> Communication between Primary Schools and Gleeson College

Gleeson College will work closely with our Partner Catholic Primary Schools to engage parents and staff in planning successful communication and transition strategies.

Gleeson College will also continue our partnership with the Primary Schools staff and parents to exchange information relating to student learning needs and pastoral care as students' transition to Secondary School. 
*Please note that we are not permitted to approach DfE or Independent primary schools for this information, although at parent/caregiver request, it can be passed onto the College.

> Student Wellbeing and the Vertical House Pastoral Care Structure

At Gleeson College we believe that education has greatest impact when college staff work in partnership with students and parents to enhance learning.  We take pride in forming strong, positive relationships with students and strive to provide a holistic education which nurtures creative learning, faith, identity and wellbeing. All students at Gleeson College are allocated to a 'House'.  Students maintain this House affiliation throughout their years at Gleeson. House activities throughout the year include House Mass, Athletics and Swimming Carnivals, fundraising, Social Action and other student initiatives as well as the Personal Development Program.

Care Group is the first session of each day at Gleeson. In Care Group, students participate in prayer, tend to administration tasks, hear the College news for the day and have the chance to interact with one another.

Our Care Groups are vertically structured. In Middle School Care Groups consist of Year 7, 8 and 9 students in a common House. In Senior School, Care Groups consist of Year 10 and 11 students from the same House, and then Year 12 House Care Groups. To learn more about our Vertical House Structure, please visit:

> Year 7 Identity and Leadership

We are conscious that Primary School students look forward to celebrating identity and rite of passage.  Students also aspire to be leaders. The College provides leadership opportunities for Year 7 students and will also provide visual uniform identification of this special cohort.  Regardless of if your child joins us from a Catholic, Independent or DfE primary school, you can rest assured they (and you) will feel welcome and special as new members of our community it's the way we do things at Gleeson!

> Can Year 7s at Gleeson access SAPSASSA sporting competitions and Gleeson's Specialist Netball/World Football Programs?

Yes they can.  SAPSASSA provides access to these competitions to schools with a range of structures.  Application to the specialist Netball/World Football programs is available upon acceptance of an enrolment offer in the subject selection stage of the transition process.

> Learning Spaces

Gleeson has undertaken Capital Master planning. To accommodate Year 7s a number of physical changes have taken place at the College:

  • refurbishment of general learning areas to provide flexible learning options;
  • building of new learning environments;
  • outdoor learning spaces.

And Year 7 students have access to our specialist facilities including:

  • Design & Technology Centre;
  • Trade Training Centre;
  • Performing Arts Theatres and Music Studios;
  • Science Laboratories;
  • Hospitality Industry Kitchen, Home Economics Kitchens and;
  • Three indoor gymnasia, a weights room and hockey pitch just to name a few!

> Does Gleeson have an OSHC?

Gleeson does not have an Out of School Hours Care (OSHC).  'Homework Club' is a supervised study session offered Monday to Thursday from 3.30-4.30pm at the College. 

Four Private Bus Services are also currently available for safe and reliable transport to and from school.  Keep an eye on as routes are revised annually.

> Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Gleeson College requires all students to have a laptop at school each day.  The advantages of BYOD for students includes:

  • ease of use with personally configured device
  • start work more quickly
  • save work and continue work at home
  • use a faster device
  • carry a light-weight device

Equity in the BYOD program is important to us.  We pride ourselves in the application of the true premise behind BYOD that is students may bring any type of laptop to school.  Alternatively, families may choose to purchase a device recommended to us through a supplier or rent a laptop from the College for a nominal fee.  A testing and tagging service is also provided at the College. Along with the opportunities personal technology brings, students are supported through education in safe use of technology, social media and etiquette in classes and through guest presenters in Pastoral Care sessions. More information about our BYOD and recommended minimum specifications can be found on our website under 'BYOD' tab.

> Fees

Our College Fees can be located on our website >

Gleeson College also offers sibling discount.  Sibling discounts apply if you have two or more children attending Gleeson College:

  • 20% reduction in tuition fees for second student
  • 25% reduction in tuition fees for third student
  • 50% reduction in tuition fees for fourth student

Families experiencing financial difficulty in meeting the fee payment requirements of the College may submit an 'Application for Reduced Tuition Fees' with the required substantiation for consideration by the Business Manager. The reduction will apply to the Tuition component of the fees. Fee concessions apply to the current year assessed on a case by case basis and must be applied for each year. The College is considerate in the assessment of the circumstances while all information provided remains strictly confidential.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Finance Team at the College on 08 8282 6600 or visit

> My child is attending a primary school for Year 7 how does this impact my child?

From 2019, most suburban Catholic primary schooling will conclude at Year 6 so that secondary schooling begins at Year 7.

If your child currently attends a DECD or Independent primary school, you have the choice to allow your child to complete their primary schooling at their current school, or to get a head start on their secondary education at Gleeson College in Year 7.

> We encourage you to take the time to look at the following resources, including fact sheets, brochure and video:

Click here to view the Catholic Education SA (CESA) Ready for Year 7 Brochure

Click here to view the CESA Fact Sheet #1 > Introduction

Click here to view the CESA Fact Sheet #2 > Q&A

Click here to view the CESA Fact Sheet #3 > Supporting My Child

Click here to view the CESA Ready for Year 7 at Gleeson College in 2018 YouTube Video