"Our College environment is about togetherness. Being equal in our learning and faith journeys as a community is key."

Isabella Cansdell, Gleeson College President 2014

Welcome to Gleeson College

Established in 1989 and named after the late Archbishop James Gleeson, our College encompasses strong values as part of a faith-filled community.  We take pride in ourselves as we work together to fulfil our College vision through the Gleeson 10; a system of Core Values providing a foundation for all that we do as students, staff, parents and friends of our Catholic Co-Educational community.

At Gleeson we strive to learn and grow in a community of belonging and unity. Our motto, Learning-Community-Mission, encompasses all aspects of education, service and personal development which we aim to achieve with excellence.  As students at Gleeson College it is vital that we gain experience in all these areas in conjunction with our faith and the key ideas and morals presented in the Gleeson 10.

Learning: Gleeson College aims to provide an excellent learning environment for all students during their time in secondary school. Through a variety of class activities and the use of technologies including interactive whiteboards, laptops in every classroom and portable tablets, students are able to develop their skills in their chosen subject pathways. The high academic standard at the College is one that we are very proud of and strive to continue to meet in the future.

Community: Gleeson College prides itself in the strong relationships developed between students, staff and families of the community. Good communication is a key to this success. The One+ Campus learning environment creates a unique opportunity for all students in which Gleeson College is connected with Pedare Christian College and Golden Grove High School through sharing some central resources and learning opportunities. This arrangement allows for shared learning facilities including the use of a Trade Training Centre, a specialised training unit for students interested in Trades and Electrotechnology studies. Working on the One+ Campus allows for integration of ideas across the campus, unique in South Australia.

Mission:  Archbishop Gleeson’s mission was “service to others” and this is endowed upon the College through reflection and action. Through ties with the local community and religious education lessons, students are able to become aware of their impact on the world. In the words found in Micah (6:8), we strive to “act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with our God”.

The Vertical House system of pastoral care, introduced to Gleeson College in 2010, encourages College spirit and improves student relations in both the Middle and Senior School. The system allows for houses to work together towards a common goal.

Year Level Retreats play a key factor in furthering personal spiritual growth and student relationships. These retreats allow students to explore their values and reflect on their morals as individuals of an embracing community. The three-day Year 11 and Year 12 Retreats are intended to prepare students for the many experiences and opportunities that will become available in future years.

Gleeson College offers a wide range of programs to suit individual needs. The Ex-L Program is open to those students seeking an extra challenge over their educational journey. The Flexible Learning Centre offers additional support for students seeking extensions in their subjects and assistance with their learning. Similarly, the newly formed Academic Support Program ensures students are supported to achieve at least the minimum standard for assessment tasks.

The annual Northern Territory Immersion Trip provides Year 11 students the opportunity to experience what life is like for Indigenous students living outside metropolitan centres. The trip has created tight bonds amongst students and those living in the communities in the Northern Territory.

Gleeson College’s Performing Arts programs and Music curriculum continue to prosper and produce confident performers. Students are provided lots of opportunities to showcase their talents on and off the stage, including the Generations in Jazz festival held in Mount Gambier, tours of local primary schools, Balaklava Eisteddfod, School Musical and various concerts, Masses and Assemblies.

Instrumental lessons are offered to interested students, along with the opportunity to join one of our bands and/or vocal ensembles.

Our FFSA World Football Specialist Program and Netball SA Specialist Program continually develop quality athletes at Gleeson College. The College presents unique programs run by quality coaches and well-known professional athletes; opening up a chance for students to improve and progress in their chosen sport. Gleeson College also participates in the Independent Schools Sports Association, Catholics Girls Sports Association, Secondary Schools Sport South Australia and Australian International Pedal Prix competition (HPV Series), where students and staff manufacture all vehicles here on campus.

We invite you to explore our website and learn more about the academic and co-curricular opportunities Gleeson College has to offer.

Isabella Cansdell & Katelyn James,
2014 College Presidents

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