A Catholic Community

Pope Francis has said "to educate is an act of love, it is to give life. And love is demanding. It calls for using the best resources, for awakening passions and for great patience Young people are in need of quality teaching, together with values not just enunciated but witnessed".

At Gleeson College, we endeavour to fulfil the College's vision through the Gleeson Ten Core Values. Each one permeates through our mission to grow and flourish as a Catholic Eucharistic community. As a Religious Education faculty, we utilise both the curriculum and our mission to embrace our Catholic identity to develop thriving young people, capable learners and leaders for the world that God desires. Being a faith filled community truly captures who we are and what we strive to do and be. Our founder, Archbishop Gleeson's desire that we be of one heart and provide charitable works of service to others is reflected in our daily lives at Gleeson College.

  • Promote the love of God, the example of Jesus and the legacy of Archbishop Gleeson.
  • Support the identity and mission of the Catholic Church.
  • Engage students in programs which are underpinned by the Gospels of Jesus Christ.
  • Embrace and nurture the spiritual and faith development of our community.

Prayer and reflection are central to the faith life of Gleeson College, as are liturgical celebrations, retreats, prayer experiences and school Masses. These become significant in building our Catholic identity as a College community and give our students and staff ways to engage, discover and deepen their spirituality and faith.

Religious Education at Gleeson supports and empowers students to gain knowledge and understanding of our Catholic faith. Our students are invited to live as active and informed citizens in the wider world by developing experiences through social justice, world religions, moral and ethical decision making and youth ministry. Religious Education and Catholic Mission and Identity of our College do not stand alone. They are integral in the ways we interact with others, represent ourselves and reconcile our differences and those of others.

We strive to Act Justly, Love Tenderly and Walk Humbly in ways that will support our journey to be committed, important and valued members of the Gleeson Catholic community.

Alesia Sala,
Acting Coordinator of Religious Education and Catholic Identity