Inclusive Education

The cornerstone of Inclusive Education at Gleeson College is the Thomas Learning Centre (TLC) - a part of the College specifically dedicated to helping students with special needs. The broad aim of the TLC is to cater for the individual needs and differences of our students so that they can achieve the best possible educational success in the ‘Pursuit of Excellence’.

Students have the opportunity to work with staff trained in special education to receive assistance with their work. Students may be supported in class during lessons or in small groups or one to one in areas in a dedicated learning area.

The TLC offers more than academic support. Students may require assistance in:

  • building self esteem;
  • understanding more about their individual learning styles;
  • learning strategies for developing as independent learners;
  • teaching them and supporting them in their organisational skills;
  • working with them on motivation and goal setting;
  • guiding them to focus on their skills and not just their limitations;
  • explaining the intricacies of how ‘the  world’ works;
  • working with students on breaking down tasks into managable chunks;
  • survival skills - both social and practical.

When students work in the TLC they are expected to use the time effectively, as well as utilising teacher/teacher aid resources, computer resources, and general facilities available to them. Students come to understand that the TLC area is primarily a learning environment and therefore work must be brought with them. Alternative work, relevant to their needs, is provided should any of the students have no set work to do. The students can choose what alternative work they wish to do.

Students are given explanations in simplified language. This enables the students to better understand what is being said in class and to attach meaning to keywords / terms.

Exam Support
The Inclusive Education Leader works closely with the Assistant Principal Teaching & Learning ensuring that students requiring special provisions in exams are fully catered for. Students may wish to apply for special provisions in SACE exams. To do this they must undergo spelling, writing and comprehension tests as specified by the SACE Board. The Inclusive Education Leader is responsible for administering tests and liaising with the Assistant Principal Teaching & Learning, and submitting these to the SACE Board of South Australia.

Alternative/Adjusted Assignments
The TLC Staff believe in the importance of providing alternative/adjusted, educationally sound, assignments for Special Needs students, which either replace, or supplement their current curriculum. Such assignments are usually made with consultation with staff and students, so that they reflect the students’ interests, thus making them more relevant and acceptable to the students.  Such assignments are based on the principles of differentiation, good pedagogy and educational psychology. Multi-curriculum approach is usually used in the design of such work, in order to give students an understanding of ideas and concepts. Constructivism approach is the common theme in the design process of such work.

Homework Club

Homework Club applications are now open for 2024. Please ensure you have read the information in the two documents below, before submitting an application here.

Homework Club 2024

A review of our Homework Club offering was conducted in Semester 2 2023. The relevant changes can be viewed in the review letter, below, and the new expectations (including grounds for de-enrolment from the program) can be viewed below.

Applications for HWC 2024 begin with the e-form, here: