- Our friendly Registrar, Mrs Diana Quaglia, will send you a College Prospectus and/or call you to discuss enrolment for your child/ren at Gleeson College

Gleeson College places an emphasis upon the personal needs and the development of the individual student. The flexible curriculum and practices of Gleeson College offer broad options for students.  All students have access to social and academic support structures to assist them in their pursuit of excellence and success. Gleeson College maintains high expectations of students in order that they may experience personal success.

Parents will be expected to pay the fees as prescribed by the College Board. The Board may reduce fees for an individual family in appropriate circumstances. Should such circumstances arise, an appointment with the College Business Manager would be encouraged.

Catholic parents and parents of other faith traditions who wish to enrol their children at Gleeson College will be expected to support the Catholic faith ethos of the College.

Parents and students will also be expected to support College policies and practices in matters such as behaviour, consequences, uniform, study habits, Retreats and camps, sport and activities, and events that are considered part of the compulsory College program.

Gleeson College views education as a partnership between parents, staff and students. This collaborative approach aims to promote responsible students and learners, mutually supported by home and the College.

Enrolment Policy

Preference will be given to siblings of students who currently attend, or have attended, Gleeson College. In addition, children from families who are actively involved in the community life of local Catholic parishes and who attend Catholic primary schools will have priority of entry.

Enrolment Procedure

An application fee of $50.00 (non-refundable) is required upon lodgement of each Application for Enrolment form. Applications will be registered and processed in accordance with College Board and SACCS Policy.

An 'Application for Enrolment' must be lodged for each prospective student (including siblings).  Applications will usually be considered two years prior to the proposed year of entry and all prospective students will be invited to attend an interview. If a child is offered a place, enrolment will be confirmed and finalised upon completion of an 'Admission Contract' and payment of a deposit.At the enrolment interview, documents relating to the child's school performance, special education needs and/or medical problems, as well as a copy of the child's Birth Certificate, must be produced.

Please Note >

Once you have lodged an 'Application for Enrolment', it is important that you remember to advise the College of any subsequent change of address. We thank you for choosing Gleeson College for your child and look forward to meeting with you soon.