College Uniform

Students are expected to wear the correct Gleeson College uniform and to do so in a manner that signifies pride in both the College and their own personal appearance. The correct uniform is to be worn on all occasions when attending the College or when representing the College.

We ask for the support of all families in ensuring that students present themselves appropriately attired in the correct uniform as outlined in the Uniform Policy, and as agreed to upon signing your admission contract to accept enrolment at Gleeson College.

The Uniform Guide, below, serves as a pictorial reference to assist families in understanding the uniform policy.

View the uniform guide below:

The 2022 Devon Price List can be downloaded here.


Further details are available in our uniform policy.

The Gleeson College Leadership Team reserves the right at all times to make final decisions regarding uniform and presentation.

Purchasing The Uniform

Uniform items can be purchased from the retail Totally Schoolwear (Devon) store at Modbury/Clovercrest. Please check their website for current opening times and to make an appointment to try on items.

Items can also be purchased online, with free click and collect to the Clovercrest store available (and free size exchange). Click here to visit the store.

Items can also be sourced from our Secondhand Uniform Facebook Group - please note the information regarding discontinued items, below.

We also receive a number of donations of uniforms each year. Please call the Front Office on 8282 6600, or email


Discontinued Items Notice

July 25th, 2023

We take pride in the high standards we expect of students with regard to their uniform and personal presentation, which are the subject of regular commendations from both prospective and current members of our community.

We therefore thank you in advance for your support and assistance in adhering to these guidelines.

Grey Socks with the Winter Skirt - from start of Term 2 2024

Swapping to full-length photos with our new photography supplier alerted us to the fact many students wear a plain grey knee-high sock with the winter skirt (this was also a result of stock availability during COVID) rather than the official College sock.

Please note from the start of Term 2 2024, all students must be wearing the official grey/maroon/white striped College sock with the winter skirt. Of course, these official grey/maroon/white striped College socks are also the only socks to be worn with the College pants, or College shorts (Terms 1+4).

There is still the option of grey tights being worn with the winter skirt.

DISCONTINUED ITEMS - from end of Term 3 2024

The below items have not been part of the College uniform for at least five years, and as such can no longer be worn past the end of Term 3 2024. We recognise uniform is a significant expense for families, and anticipate that with 12-18 months’ notice, families can plan accordingly to transition over to the current styles. Discontinued items can be returned to the school for donating to overseas communities in need. Images of discontinued items are below.