Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care at Gleeson College is based upon the firm belief that every individual belongs to the College Community and should have the fullest possibility for personal, social and spiritual growth.

At Gleeson College, we endeavour to establish a total climate of care, which reflects the broad Christian ethos of individuals caring for and respecting one another. Pastoral Care demands a committed stance by staff and students, to generate this atmosphere of care, concern and respect that is underpinned by the Heart of Pastoral care, Choice Theory, Restorative Practices, Brain-Based Research, the Gleeson 10 and the concept of personal responsibility.

The Gleeson College motto, With One Heart, is the translation of Archbishop Gleeson's motto 'Cor Unum'. In our Patron's first letter to the College, he said "I leave you with this hope of mine: that Gleeson College will always be of 'One heart' in every aspect of its life and mission." Our community is therefore founded on the commitment of Archbishop James Gleeson to the charism of the heart and our desire to learn, grow and share 'with one heart'.

At Gleeson College, all members of our community aim to fulfil the College's Vision through our ten core values known collectively as the Gleeson 10 and our staff commit to working together through the Gleeson Staff 5. We believe that excellent pastoral care allows students to thrive and feel a sense of belonging and is an important precursor to learning well. Therefore, we are committed to the heart of pastoral care: Peace & Harmony, Dignity & Respect, Compassion, Truth and Justice.

The heart of Pastoral Care closely links to our school wide pedagogy where we commit to the HEART of learning and teaching. That is, where learning and teaching are Holistic, promote Engagement, seek Authenticity, build Resilience and foster Teamwork.

Through our Pastoral Care of students, staff seek to provide the opportunity for students to develop self-esteem, confidence and resilience - thus students are encouraged to undertake responsibilities that involve organising and partaking in events that require leadership and initiative. In this way, the students should experience Pastoral Care that empowers them to value and care for self and others.

At Gleeson College, all staff members, by living out of the Christian ethos and their ministries of teaching and service, are committed to the Pastoral Care of students. Ultimately we aim to produce young people of 'One Heart'  deeply united, thriving, learning and leading in the world God desires. We look forward with hope and joy to the contribution our graduating students will make to the world.

Vertical House System of Pastoral Care

Through the Vertical House System of Pastoral Care, introduced in 2010, each teacher particularly focuses this care on a specific group of students. The four houses of Gleeson College are Damiani, Fyfe, Hughes and McDonald. Each House is led by the Senior House Leader and Middle School House Leader (Staff), along with four House Captains and a Vice Captain (Students). The Vertical House System of Pastoral Care consists of Middle School Care Groups (Years 7-9) and Senior School Care Groups (Years 10-11), and four Year 12 House Care Groups.

The Benefits of a Vertical House System of Pastoral Care:

  • Older students taking responsibility for induction of younger students and positive relationships between younger and older students flourish.
  • Siblings (and eventually generations) can share the same experience of House identity and loyalty.
  • Students observing the school journey through other students' experiences before it is their turn.
  • Giving students a strong sense of belonging.
  • Providing Peer Mentoring/Support.
  • Giving a Middle School/Senior School Identity.
  • Increasing College Spirit.
  • Increasing participation in College events.