Netball Specialist Program

Our Netball SA Specialist P­rogram was formed to allow students with a passion for the game of Netball to train and develop under the skilled guidance of elite coaches.  The program is fully accredited by Netball SA and aims to provide students the opportunity to develop their netball potential towards the 'elite' level, while maintaining their performance in academic studies.

Course Objectives

  • To improve playing performance of players aged 11 to 16 years
  • To compete successfully in State Knockout and Saturday morning competitions
  • To promote an elite netball culture through the provision of improved coaching and development programs identifying/coaching 'patterns of play'
  • To adopt best practice in all areas of program development, administration and management
  • To develop an understanding of how players learn, and related issues in sports science
  • To realise and maximise students full potential in netball

Course Structure

Gleeson College's Netball Specialist Program has a focus on development through learning at the highest level.  We focus on:

  • Individual ball handling training
  • SAQ Speed, Agility and Quickness training (Quick feet movement improved coordination and fast twitch training)
  • Playing Skills - Passing, catching, footwork, lead and re-offer, defending and interception, shadowing and blocking, shooting, decision-making under use, court movement and spacial awareness
  • Team related tactical knowledge Group plays and tactics, communication
  • Basic Umpiring Clinic
  • Fitness - Aerobic, speed and agility testing
  • Pre-match preparation and post match recovery techniques

Future Pathways

Successful completion of the course will provide opportunities to pursue:

  • Careers in Semi-Professional Netball
  • Coaching
  • Umpiring
  • Work in Sport & Recreation
  • Further and higher education

College Contact

College Contact

Rachel Staffin, Sports Development Coordinator
P:  (08) 8282 6600