Flexible Pathways


At Gleeson College, we have a strong commitment to Career Development and Vocational Education and Training. We engage in flexible modes of learning and innovative pedagogies that assist student to achieve workplace knowledge and experiences, as well as industry standard competencies in a variety of trades and professions.

Under the SACE Recognised Learning provisions, we are able to enrol senior students in nationally accredited Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses.  While they are completing their SACE, our VET students also gain competencies in nationally recognised qualifications.  Gleeson students can complete one or two full or partial Certificates, in addition to their SACE, thereby completing their secondary school education with qualifications and competencies at industry standard.

Gleeson students are able to undertake training courses at AQF Certificate I, Certificate II, Certificate III and Certificate IV levels in a broad variety of industry areas.  We currently have students enrolled in courses in construction, animal studies, plumbing, business, electrotechnology, salon assistance, kitchen operations, retail make up, beauty services, fitness, early childhood education and care, fashion and design technology, game development, information and communication technology, and sport amongst many other options.

Career development is a lifelong process, and to ensure students progress along that journey throughout their time at Gleeson College a Career Education is taught in each year level of the Middle School years.  Students learn about self development, where they acknowledge what they like and are good at, and what is important to them.  They also explore careers, to help them determine what they need to know and be able to do to work in different jobs.  Students will also develop career management skills they can utilise throughout their working lives to help them succeed in whatever industry they choose.

In Year 10 students formally research the industries and careers that interest them as part of the compulsory SACE subject, Personal Learning Plan (PLP).  They are encouraged to undertake work experience placements and short 'taster' style training courses to develop a deeper understanding of the industry or industries selected.  In some circumstances students may be able to enrol in a preferred VET course in Semester 2.

In Year 11 and 12, students can nominate the courses they are interested in undertaking at Certificate level and following an assessment process they are supported in their workplace learning through the Stage 1 and Stage 2 Workplace Practices subjects we offer.  Should a student secure an apprenticeship that can be completed in a school-based format, we will negotiate the circumstances of this to ensure the best outcomes can be achieved for the student, employer, and training organisation.

Gleeson  College offers Certificate I Doorways to Construction and Certificate III in Fitness on-site, taught by qualified Gleeson teachers who are also certified industry trainers.  The One+ Campus also makes onsite training available in Hospitality and Electronics (from our specialist Electronics Trade Training Centre).

Our VET students travel to different parts of Adelaide to access their training and attend TAFESA campuses at Elizabeth, Adelaide and Gilles Plains. In addition, we have students who attend the Grand Junction Trade Training Centre (Gilles Plains), PEER (Alberton) and Clip Joint Education (Adelaide) amongst a range of others.

A major benefit of completing VET during Stage 1 or Stage 2 is that our students can begin to complete qualifications that can count towards apprenticeships and traineeships and that can also lead to university courses. For example, Flinders University now has a range of courses that offer guaranteed entry to students who have completed a qualification at Certificate III level or above.

The other advantage of participating in Recognised Learning is that Gleeson students are able to remain with their peer group while undertaking training.  This is particularly important for Year 12 students who can participate in all of the final year events, such as Athletics Carnival, Swimming Carnival, Year 12 Formal and Retreat, maintaining their identity as a part of the Year 12 cohort until they graduate from Gleeson College.

To talk to a member of our friendly Flexible Learning Team to learn more about how flexible pathways can help your child to achieve excellence at Gleeson College, email our Flexible Pathways Leader, Thomas Blake, via email at: thomas.blake@gleeson.catholic.edu.au