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Writer's Blog: Issue 10

Posted by Gleeson College on 3 February 2023
Writer's Blog: Issue 10

Our first entry for 2023 was written by Year 12 student Sofia Caruso in Semester 2 of last year, when she was studying Year 11 English Pre-Literary Studies. Sofia’s poem is an example of ekphrastic poetry, as it is based on the artwork The Vision to the Youth Bartholomew, a painting by Mikhail Nesterov.


Whispers of the weak

I weakly wilt by a willow tree

This weight I carry is like a chore

I whimper as I wish to be set free

The whispers of the wind embark on a war

This wooden weapon of worship weathers

A simple wish of wonder, unleashed, it burns

Weary walking wears the leather

And the weakened warm returns

The weightless war will leave no witness

The woe will wipe out the golden grass

The whirlwind will worship the mistress

Once the wolves of winter pass

Wounds will be healed as we worship the tomb

We are all just a widow in a waiting room

Author:Gleeson College