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Writer's Blog: Issue 11

Posted by Gleeson College on 10 February 2023
Writer's Blog: Issue 11

This week’s entries were written by Year 9 students Monique Duthie and Travis Taivo in Semester 2 of last year, during a creative writing unit for Year 8 English. These students used a variety of descriptive words and phrases to bring each scene to life.  


Fireworks by Monique Duthie 

Boom! Mad bombs of light bloom in the air. The girl feels a rush of adrenaline as a group of fireworks burst. Erubescent, gold, turquoise. People scream and yell out of elation. Everyone tries to get a view, all hot from being crammed together like sardines in a can. Wonderful smells fill her nose; hotdogs, fairy floss, all carnival food. Green and gold explosions simmering bigger and brighter than before. The fascinated faces look into the glowing night sky, not noticing the moon slowly peeking out behind the clouds, acting like a spotlight for the fireworks as they dance. But as fast and effectively as they appeared, the fireworks slowly retreat into the dark, as the crowd rises, astonished. 


Flood by Travis Taivo 

The floodwaters recklessly rushed through the ravaged streets, leaving destruction in its path. The whisper of the belligerent flood, reverberating through the town. The city streets were left a shell of what they were, from tranquil, treelined terraces, to an inconsolable mess of rubble and dreams that once were. The flood, on a marathon of destruction through the streets, one by one leaving ruins. It was all too overwhelming for the people who once called this town home. The mesmerising path of destruction, devastatingly growing, slowly diminishing the breathtakingly tall buildings that once gave this town its charm. It was submerging people’s hopes; and those who once had them. The mortifying silence was all too loud. 

Author:Gleeson College