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Writer's Blog: Issue 12

Posted by Gleeson College on 17 February 2023
Writer's Blog: Issue 12

This week’s entry was written by Year 12 student Charlotte Duncan in Semester 2 of last year, when she was studying Year 11 English Pre-Literary Studies. Charlotte’s vignette is another example of ekphrasis, based on the artwork Café Terrace at Night, a painting by Vincent Van Gogh, evoking the sights and sounds of a busy Parisian street in the evening.  


My mind is writing faster than my hands, sentences streaming out of my mind onto the small, yellowed pages of my leather notebook. My body is encapsulated by the magical world, seemingly lifting from the pages into lifelike images in my mind, my vision clouded by gruesome trolls and innocent princesses. The brick wall that had been blocking my writing was being forcefully demolished by this moonlit focus. I sense a dominant figure appearing beside me, causing my mind to tune back into its surroundings, the calm chatter of those filling the timeless streets again finding its place. The smell of midnight coffees smothers the air, mixing with the profound smoke of cigarettes which curls into my nose. The warm summer breeze brushes my skin, surrounding me like a warm blanket. Golden lights saturate my view, causing an unexpected feeling of familiarity against the dark, star-filled night. Suddenly, the lonesome chair across from me is sharply dragged, skidding across the stone pathway below it. My eyes gaze upwards, tracking the tall figure, midnight-blue eyes, meeting mine. He boldly relaxes into the wooden chair, making the unpleasant seat seem comfortable. I reluctantly respond to his attempt at conversation, confused with his intentions, but content in his charm. 

Author:Gleeson College