Classroom Expectations & Consequences

These expectations apply in all teaching and learning areas of the College. In addition to these expectations, teachers may set specific guidelines which apply to their lessons and or learning areas. The expectations are based on the understanding that all students are responsible for their own behaviour.

It is an expectation that all students at Gleeson College will:

  1. be punctual and prepared for all lessons;
  2. respect others, their dignity and safety;
  3. respect others' property and the environment;
  4. remain on task at all times;
  5. listen to and respect what others have to say;
  6. and follow the rules specific to given learning areas.

Breaches of the above classroom expectations will result in the following:

  1. Warning;
  2. Relocation/Isolation for 5 minutes in the classroom;
  3. Focus room for the remainder of lesson.

A student must then renegotiate entry to the classroom with the teacher concerned prior to the next lesson.

For each two occasions a student chooses not to take reasonable steps to renegotiate their entry back into the classroom, another focus room entry will result.

After 3 such visits to the focus room, having gone through each of the above steps:
Students should expect consequences. An interview with the student will take place with their House Coordinator. Students may then be required to negotiate an Agreement of Behaviour Change.

The whole process is repeated. After a subsequent 3 visits:

Students should expect consequences. An interview with the student and parent(s)/caregiver(s) will take place with the Assistant Principal.

Any further visits:

Through their actions, students will have chosen to stay home until such a time as an interview with the student and parent(s)/caregiver(s) has taken place with the Assistant Principal. At this interview the student will be required to negotiate their re-entry back to the College.

Offensive language, arguing, or any serious infringement of the expectations will result in a student going directly to step 3 above.

If a student wishes, they have the next two College days after a focus room visit to discuss the matter with a College Counsellor. A student will have accepted full responsibility for their actions if they choose not to take up this option and the focus room entry will automatically stand.

On the seventh or any subsequent visit to the focus room per semester, the opportunity to discuss the matter with a College Counsellor is forfeited.

Students who choose not to follow the expectations regarding Focus Room behaviour and attendance may incur further consequences.