GC Homestay Program


Gleeson College has partnered with the Australian Homestay Network (AHN) to provide accredited homestay options that provide International students with an opportunity to experience the Australian way of life in a family situation. To find out more information and/or to register, please visit to the Australian Homestay Network website:

STUDENTS >https://www.homestaynetwork.org/gleeson-college-students/

AGENTS >https://www.homestaynetwork.org/gleeson-college-agents/

HOSTS >https://www.homestaynetwork.org/gleeson-college-hosts/

Gleeson College has been involved in a highly successful International Study Exchange Program over the past 20 years. The College has hosted students from Europe, the United States and Japan staying for short Homestay visits, as well as longer study exchanges.

Gleeson College has hosted many long-term study exchanges for Japanese students from Kyoto Bunkyo High School, Kogakuin Junior High School and Osaka Seiko High School. Visiting groups undertake intensive English classes, as well as mainstream subjects, while also exploring South Australia via visits to Kangaroo Island and Cleland Wildlife Park. Families from our local College Community hosted the visiting students, with many describing the experience as 'highly rewarding', both culturally and socially.

Homestay Exchange students are supported with individual learning plans to assist their academic progress and their emotional well-being. Gleeson College provides a safe, supporting and welcoming environment. Students experience a range of academic and co-curricular activities, catering for individual differences, in the pursuit of excellence to ensure personal success can be achieved by all. Students, parents and staff work together, listen to and care for one another with confidence and trust.

The GC Homestay Program is truly exciting for our College Community. It has opened doors of opportunity for Gleeson College students wishing to visit Japan and Italy.

Study Exchange student Alessandro Gori from Italy reflects upon his visit to Gleeson College:

"It was about one year ago when I decided to go on this trip, to leave my country to have a new experience which, they said, will change my life. I had huge expectations and very high hopes, but very big too was the fear; I knew what I was heading for but I didn't really know what I would find in this new land, so far away from home. Then the moment to leave came and I was very scared.  It's not that easy to leave your comfortable life and everything you know to face something completely new and different without knowing if you will succeed.

The first day at Gleeson, and the second (Swimming Carnival), were very reassuring and all the fears I had faded away. It was great to see how the students were interested in knowing me and all the teachers looked so friendly and available.

The first weeks, I must admit, I used to feel a bit confused.  Too many changes were occurring in my life: the school, the family and amending my daily routine were the main ones. The scholastic system in Italy works in a different way, for example we don't have to move from class to class every lesson.  So the first days here I found myself wandering the school looking for my classes, which I probably wouldn't have been able to find if some good soul hadn't helped me!  Plus, I never ever had to wear a school uniform and before coming to Gleeson even the thought of having to wear the same uniform of everyone else was very weird.  Five months later I cannot think of another way to dress to go to school!

Apart from these little new things, which I easily got used to, I really had no problem to fit in with my school and my new life. I have been lucky enough to end up in an amazing family and know good friends since the very first days. After a very short time I started to feel at home.

Gleeson College gave me the possibility of experiencing new things, facing new challenges and it helped me reach the results I hoped to get from my exchange program.  At Gleeson College I learnt (thanks to the amazing teachers I had), I made friends who I'll be incredibly sad to say goodbye to and I had great moments - the Athletic Carnival, the Mid Year Formal and many others.  I've also been glad to represent the school by playing in the Twilight Soccer League First XI team and in the Knockout teams.

Maybe I'm not going to remember all the people I met and all the things I have done here for the rest of my life, also the best memories fade away sooner or later, but I'm sure about one thing: I'll always remember Gleeson College as a place that helped me grow up and made me feel home even 16000km away from Italy. I can only be grateful for what this school gave me and hope I left here something of myself that will be remembered and that someone will miss me even half as much as I will miss this wonderful place and these wonderful people.

Your Italian friend Alessandro"


For more information about our Homestay Program at Gleeson College, please do not hesitate to contact the College on 8282 6600 or via email.