House Crest

Named after Mrs. Jenny Damiani, who was the first chairperson of the Gleeson College Board and of the interim Board that established Gleeson College.

The Damiani House Crest incorporates symbols which identify the rich heritage not only of the House, but also the Gleeson College Community.

As a House we desired to capture the unique history of the College in that it was created as a result of expressed need by the local Catholic community.  The need for a secondary Catholic education pathway to serve the young people of the North-East area is represented by the Cross, central to the Crest.  The people surrounding the Cross represent Gleeson College as well as each of the Catholic feeder Primary Schools.  The four figures also represent key contributors to the establishment of the College our College House patrons.

The beams emitted from the cross represent the Light of Christ.  The beams also symbolise the wings of a dragon.  Damiani adopted the dragon as its team mascot in College sporting carnivals over 10 years ago.  Dragons are a symbol of wisdom, protection, valour, generosity, forgiveness and compassion.

Our motto suggests that we all belong not only to the College community, but also to Damiani House Community.  'Belong' was our House theme in 2010, the first year of the Vertical House system.  As a community we worked to ensure our interactions with each other were ones that fostered positive relationships, a sense of safety and unity.  'Inspire' recognises that all we do is inspired by Jesus Christ and that our learning should be reflective always of our best efforts.

Our College song tells, ' be a leader you must be a servant to the rest.'   Jenny Damiani was and is heavily involved in a range of community and charity organisations.  She made clear in our meetings with her that the College 'came from the community,' guided by those willing to work towards a common goal, to serve others and to represent and lead a community.  This also of course reflects Jesus' commitment to place others needs above his own.

Named after Mrs. Margaret Fyfe, a Brigidine nun, who worked with Catholic families in the area when it was still rural.

The Fyfe House Crest was fundamentally inspired by the charism of our patron Sr Margaret Fyfe CSB, a member of the Brigidine Sisters.

At the heart of the crest is the Cross of Diamonds.  This cross is based on the same one which appears on the family crest of Bishop Daniel Delany, the founder of the Congregation of St Brigid.  The rays of light emanating from the cross represent the light of Christ and serve to emphasise our role as builders of God's Kingdom on earth.  The pair of lamps, which usually appear alone, at the centre of the Cross of Diamonds, are symbolic of learning.  They flank a tongue of fire, representative of the Holy Spirit, who moves within us as the passion and determination that inspires us in our work and learning.

Our motto "Fearless in Faith", evolved from an understanding that Christ is at the heart of our lives.  In an increasingly secular world we are reminded to be strong, courageous and fearless as we spread the Good News of Jesus Christ in the world we live.

 Named after Fr Don Hughes OMI, who was parish priest of St David's Parish, Tea Tree Gully when Gleeson College was established.

The Hughes House Crest is inspired by two key values from The Gleeson 10: Service and Justice.  These values are also central to the mission of the Order of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate, to which our patron Fr Don Hughes belongs.  This Order is dedicated to the service of others and to social justice, particularly to those who live in poverty.

The central symbol is the cross that reflects our mission to live a life inspired by the example of Jesus Christ and echoes the Oblate mission to give freely of oneself.  It rises on the stylised wings of a griffin at the foot of the crest.  Originally a mythical creature, part lion and part eagle, the griffin appears on cathedrals and churches in early times as symbols of strength and vigilance.  It reminds us of the courage that it takes to step out of our comfort zone, to participate and contribute in order to achieve acceptance and inclusivity for all, both in our College community and in the wider world.  The chevron, the upside-down 'v' shape and a symbol for protection or building, represents what we build together in faithful service to others.

Above the chevron are two fleur-de-lis, stylised lilies that represent purity and, in turn, the Virgin Mary.  Our connection to the Oblates of Mary Immaculate and to St Eugene de Mazenod, a French Bishop and founder of the Order, is reflected in these symbols.

Our challenge is to have the courage, like the Oblates of Australia, to 'leave nothing undared'.  The Hughes crest will be a reminder of that commitment in our efforts to serve and to strive for justice.

Named after John McDonald, Director of Catholic Education, who was instrumental in the concept of a shared campus.

 The McDonald crest has as its centre the Lion which can be found on Archbishop James Gleeson's Crest. Is a symbol of Christ and represents courage, alertness and watchfulness. There are two doves on the bottom left and right of the crest joining with a flame in the middle. The dove is a symbol of peace, innocence, gentleness, and affection. The flame and rays of light represent both the Holy Spirit and light of Christ. The flame and the dove combine to form the symbol previously used by the Catholic Education Office South Australia. This is a connection with the McDonald house patron John McDonald, who was the Director of Catholic Education and played an important role in the establishment of Gleeson College. The cross represents commitment to the Catholic faith.

Truth one of the Gleeson 10, asks the community to seek the truth in all that we do.

Courage we challenge students to be leaders within the community and have the strength and ability to pursue excellence.

Unity we as a McDonald group are united as one and no one is alone. We are all here to help each other achieve.