Languages and Cultural Programs

Ciao! Konnichiwa! Gleeson College offers two languages: Japanese and Italian. Studying a language in today's global society has numerous benefits including improved first language, better job prospects, improved understanding of cultures and the changing world, improved brain function and better travel opportunities.

Languages are compulsory for students in Years 7-8 and become an elective subject from Years 9-12. We are also currently trialing a suite of new innovative subjects, including Cultural Technologies and Language and Culture Studies. Students studying a language have the opportunity to be involved in a range of excursions and activities as well as overseas Study Tours to Japan. Furthermore, we welcome a range of short and long term exchange students each year which students are able to host or become a 'buddy' for. Extracurricular clubs such as anime club are run each year based on student interest, and we aim to offer a range of opportunities to connect with students from our partner primary schools, such as participating in their Italian Day, or hosting students for a 'Try Languages @ Gleeson' Day.

In Cultural Technologies, Year 8 students have the chance to study the regular Digital Technologies and Food and Textiles curriculum, taught in a second language (Japanese or Italian). Using this 'CLIL' teaching methodology increases students' language proficiency as they are exposed to this second language more often. Assignments focus on cultural aspects of the relevant country, for example, building a virtual world to replicate visiting a Japanese shrine, or making an animated presentation of how to make pasta.

Languages and Culture Studies is an exciting new subject on offer from 2021, which allows students to immerse themselves in any language of their choosing for a semester, as well as explore the cultural diversity of the local and wider community by organising an activity or event which promotes this diversity. This 10 Credit SACE Stage 1 course is available to students in Years 10 and 11 currently, and could potentially lead to further language pathways on offer at other schools on the One+ Campus, or other providers such as the School of Languages, if commenced in Year 10.

Japan Trip > Language & Cultural Extra Curricular Experience

Students also have the opportunity to go to Japan on the bi-annual School Exchange Trip.  This rich cultural experience allows students  the chance to further explore and learn whilst experiencing day-to-day Japanese life with a host family.  Students will further build their language and cultural knowledge, hopefully inspiring them to continue with their learning in Japanese.

If you have any questions please contact the Acting Languages & Cultural Programs Leader, Sandra Zaccagnini, via email at: