Mobile Phones & Other Electronic Equipment

Gleeson College accepts that parents/caregivers allow their children to bring mobile phones and other electronic equipment such as iPods, MP3 players etc and accessories to the College. Where appropriate and only with teacher permission, the equipment may be used in lessons.

With the increased ownership of mobile phones and other electronic equipment, College administrators, teachers, students and parents/caregivers need to take steps to ensure that these are used responsibly. This policy is designed to ensure that potential issues can be clearly identified and addressed; ensuring the benefits of mobile phones and other electronic equipment can continue to be enjoyed by our students.

General Guidelines

  • If any electronic equipment is brought onto the College campus unless under the specific direction of a member of staff, then it should not be heard, seen or used from the time the student arrives at the College until dismissal
  • The College takes no responsibility for any electronic equipment brought onto the campus, which is subsequently lost, stolen or damaged
  • Breaches of this policy may result in consequences as determined by the House Coordinator
  • Subsequent breaches may result in the student choosing to stay away from the College until successful renegotiation has taken place with parent/caregiver(s)
  • In order to protect the privacy of the individuals at our College and campus, the taking of photographs or video footage using devices, including the mobile phone, at any time, requires the permission of the House Coordinator or the Supervising Teacher
  • Emergency contacting of students by parent(s)/caregiver(s) can and should be made via the College office only. Parents are asked not to contact their child by mobile phone during school hours
  • For supervised assessment tasks, e.g. exams, tests etc. mobile phones and other electronic items are not permitted to be brought into the room at all, unless under the specific direction of a member of staff
  • The College undertakes to educate students in the appropriate use of mobile phones and other electronic equipment. Please refer to the full 'Mobile Phones & Other Electronic Equipment Policy' for further information.