STEM @ Gleeson College

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.  I came to Gleeson because I love Science and the College has so many opportunities for students to learn and grow in these areas.

We participate in the Science and Engineering Challenge, ICAS Science Competition, Westpac Mathematics Competition and Oliphant Science Awards each year.  Year 7-9 students can also join the 'STEM Society'.  STEM Society challenges us with high-level experiences such as excursions, projects and guest speakers.  We also have access to university resources and explore future career pathways.  And each year we celebrate our success at an annual STEM Expo!

Year 10 students have the chance to be accelerated and study Stage 1 Engineering through our involvement in the Advanced Technology Project.  Senior students can specialise in different STEM disciplines and regularly represent the College at the National Youth Science Forum.

Find the formula for success through STEM at Gleeson College!