At Gleeson College Science is built on a foundation of Inquiry based learning. Teachers have excellent content knowledge and experience, which allows them to integrate hands on activities, group collaboration and concepts seamlessly. These factors foster a productive learning environment that promotes critical thinking and scientific questioning.

All students study Science in Years 7-10, after which students have the choice to study a number of scientific fields in Years 11 and 12, including Biology, Chemistry, Nutrition, Psychology and Physics. In Year 9 and 10, students also have the opportunity to study Science and STEM related electives, such as Sport Science (Integrated Learning), Earth and Space, and Engineering (Scientific Studies). Gleeson College is dedicated to fostering the development of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) both through our curriculum and extra-curricular programs. Study in STEM subjects will open doors to job opportunities in a number of fields that require skilled labour and/or academic qualifications.

Student achievement in Science is celebrated at our annual STEM Expo held in Term 3.

Students are exposed to a range of extra-curricular opportunities including the ICAS Science Competition, Science and Engineering Challenge, Oliphant Science Awards, STEM Day Out, National Youth Science Forum and programs supported by South Australia's three Universities.
Gleeson College also has the extra-curricular opportunity of participating in the STEM Society, which consists of a group of like-minded students that are challenged by high level activities and experiences utilising innovative technologies, such as 3D printers, Virtual Reality and robotics. STEM Society is held during lunch time and extends students through accelerated hands on activities, engagement in assisting in school events, guest speakers and excursions.

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If you have any questions about Science or STEM Society opportunities here at Gleeson, please email our Science and STEM Learning Leader, Jason Puttnins, at: