Teaching and Learning at Gleeson


...at the HEART of learning excellence

The Gleeson College motto, With One Heart, is the translation of Archbishop Gleeson's motto 'Cor Unum'. In our patron's first letter to the College, he said "I leave you with this hope of mine: that Gleeson College will always be of 'One heart' in every aspect of its life and mission." Our community is therefore founded on the commitment of Archbishop James Gleeson to the charism of the heart and our desire to learn, grow and share 'with one heart'.

At Gleeson College, all members of our community aim to fulfil the College's Vision through our ten core values known as the Gleeson 10 and our staff commit to working together through the Gleeson Staff 5. We believe that excellent pastoral care allows students to thrive and is an important precursor to learning well. Therefore, we are committed to the "Heart of Pastoral Care": Peace and Harmony, Dignity and Respect, Compassion, Truth and Justice.

At Gleeson College, we are dedicated to excellence in learning and teaching and so we commit to the "HEART of Learning and Teaching". That is, where learning and teaching are Holistic, promoting Engagement, seeking Authenticity, building Resilience and fostering Teamwork.

We live in a world where life-long learning is paramount to fostering capable, skilled and developing people who are able to use their talents and abilities to their fullest potential. Through the Living, Learning, Leading (LLL) framework, Gleeson College helps nurture and shape thriving people, capable learners and leaders for God's world.  It is our role to know our students well, tailor our teaching to their needs and build their resilience in an ever-changing world. We acknowledge and promote collaboration and whole-hearted engagement in authentic learning.

The seven Key Capabilities are embedded throughout the breadth of our curriculum. The Key Capabilities underpin everything we do, ensuring our students develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to thrive in a rapidly changing and complex world. The Key Capabilities Continua acknowledges that thriving involves, the mind the heart and the body. Student engagement with the capabilities and explicit evidencing against the capabilities allows for the formation of an individualised Learner Profile for each of our students. The learner profile captures all aspects of student growth and learning, their passions and individuality, as an overlay to their academic report and in senior years in conjunction with their SACE results and ATAR. It communicates the characteristics that, when worked toward, will help our students to be internationally minded, supporting holistic student development throughout their College journey.

Ultimately, we aim to produce young people of One Heart that are deeply connected, thriving individuals, capable and competent learners, just and merciful leaders for God's world. We look forward with hope and joy to the contribution our graduating students will make to the world.