The Arts

Performing Arts

Music, Dance and Drama are offered as elective subjects by specialist teachers at Gleeson College from Years 7-12. Studying specialist subjects in a classroom environment allows students to gain valuable theoretical knowledge and hone their skills in their chosen area of performance. Students have the ability to continue their studies in SACE Stage 1 and 2 through specific streams such as Music, Dance and Drama or combining disciplines via way of studying Stage 1 or 2 'Creative Arts'. Many Gleeson College graduates have been successful in gaining entry into tertiary institutions specialising in the performing arts around Australia.

Gleeson offers a wide range of extra-curricular ensembles in the areas of Music, Dance and Drama such as Concert Band, Stage Band, Choirs, Rock Band, Liturgical Band, Dance and Drama Clubs. All performing arts students are given many opportunities to display their creative talents in various concerts and roadshows throughout the year. Opportunities include; Generations in Jazz Trip to Mount Gambier, Melbourne Creative Arts Trip, Balaklava Eisteddfod, Adelaide Choral Eisteddfod, ABODA Band Festival, School Aerobics Competition Dance Section, local primary school workshops and primary schools' gala days. Every second year, the College puts on a school musical which brings together students from all year levels and across all three performing arts disciplines (Music, Dance and Drama). The resulting performances are an outstanding display of talent and creativity. Gleeson College musicals constantly receive rave reviews from audiences who are amazed by the standard of professionalism shown by our students and staff.  Scholarships for Instrumental Music Tuition are also available via application process

Visual Arts

At Gleeson College, Visual Arts Studies provide the opportunities for students to develop creativity, imagination and a sense of achievement through a variety of different forms of art, craft and design. Students express ideas through practical work using drawings, sketches, diagrams, models, prototypes, photographs and/or audio visual techniques leading to resolved pieces. It enables students to plan, experiment and apply technical skills in a range of visual media. Visual Arts studies emphasises historical and contemporary aspects of art/design, and requires students to study both. Students build on their awareness of how and why artists, craftspeople and designers realise their ideas through different visual representations, practices, processes and viewpoints. They extend their thinking, understanding and use of perceptual and conceptual skills.

If you have any questions about either Performing Arts and/or Visual Arts opportunities on offer at Gleeson College, please do not hesitate to contact our Arts Learning Leader, Carly Meakin, via email at: