Writer's Blog Issue 2

Posted by Gleeson College on 7 November 2021
Writer's Blog Issue 2

This week, read a fantastic dual perspective narrative written by Year 11 student Trinity Allen. The narrative tells the same story from two different perspectives, which is a great way to create suspense and intrigue!

- Mrs Jessica McCarthy


Waterlogged Crime by Trinity Allen

Charlie’s point of view 

Water fell in thick heavy sheets, driving all signs of life indoors. Charlie rested his head against the window of his taxi as his final passenger raced through the torrent outside. He alone remained on the streets, hidden amongst towering buildings that seemed to stretch towards the dark clouds overhead. He sighed, rubbing a hand over his unshaven face as he surveyed the flood of old takeaway coffee cups and fast food wrappers beside him. He had been working more night shifts lately and he knew that the pull of caffeine would only grow stronger as the night progressed. However, the heavy rain bought a lull in taxi demand. Instead, Charlie settled in his chair, the unrelentless drum of the rain comforting and alluring him into sleep. 

It wasn’t until the darkened street became awash in red and blue lights that he awoke. Charlie blinked blearily and clumsily triggered the windshield wipers to peer out onto the dismal road. A split second later, a brown pick-up truck roared down the street, quickly pursued by four sleek police cars. Charlie was still rubbing his eyes when a sudden thud shook his car. He frantically looked out the shotgun window only to be greeted by a sodden grin. The door was wrenched open as the figure slipped inside, weighed down by a coarse calico bag. Charlie looked at the man as he regained some form of composure—as much as he could while still being half asleep and surrounded by a moat of rubbish. 

“ W-Where can I take you sir?” Charlie stuttered, fastening his seatbelt. He shivered at the answering grin’s resemblance to the Cheshire Cat.  

In a fatal swoop, the man pulled a wad of cash out of the bag. “Take me to the other side of town. Ken’s Bookshop.” He paused for a second. “The name’s Jas by the way.” 

Charlie only stared with his mouth agape, his chubby fingers gripping the wad of money tightly. With a quick snap, his mouth was shut and he gave Jas a firm nod as he peeled the car off the curb. 

“Charlie.” He stated. 

If only he knew what was to come.  


Jas’ point of view 

Jas’ Saturday night was not going to plan.  

It wasn’t his fault he accidently robbed a bank. After all, accidents do happen. If you were suddenly pulled into a bank robbery that was not your design, what’s left to do other than play along? He needed the cash anyway. 

After the gang he infiltrated realised he was an outsider, he took off, almost giddy as he snagged a bag stuffed full of cash. He watched as the gang’s worn, obviously outdated pick-up truck was chased by several police cars and silently thanked the Gods for the torrential rain that cleared the streets. He was granted with the perfect cover to slip into a nearby cab.  

After a quick exchange of cash and his signature grin, he was speeding off in the opposite direction. 

That was, of course, until they were stopped by a straying police car. 

His driver looked at him then at the bag of money, his face slowly draining of colour. The sharp rap of fingers on the windscreen startled him, causing him to slowly wind down the window with a single gulp. Jasper met the eyes of the officer. 

“ Wha—er hol’ up ofisher?” He slurred, turning his gaze unfocused with a lopsided smile. The officer’s lip curled slightly before turning his attention to the driver.  

“Name and licence please.” 

Jas watched as Charlie carefully pulled his wallet out of his pocket with shaking hands. For the second time that day, Jas thanked the Gods for the churning weather that resulted in low visibility. With a huff, the officer glanced at him once more before waving dismissively. 

“Drive safely.” He said, his tone disinterested. 

Charlie nodded nervously and pulled back onto the street. 

A few blocks down the road, Jas laughed, swatting Charlie on the back. “Way to go man! You totally fooled him!” 

Charlie looked over at him with his own grin. He quickly turned back to the road, swerving just in time to narrowly miss a head on collision with a certain truck.  They spiralled, skidding down the rain-slicked bitumen. Jas leapt from the car as it ploughed straight into Ken’s bookshop. 

With a groan, he pulled himself from the concrete, his head pounding like a waterfall. 

“Charlie,” he muttered, taking a staggering step towards the crushed car. 

Jas froze as cool metal brushed against the back of his head. 

His eyes searched for the truck, shivering as he noticed all the doors were open and no one was inside. 

There was a resonating click.  

The rain only poured louder. 

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Writer's Blog: Issue 1

Posted by Gleeson College on 20 October 2021
Writer's Blog: Issue 1

Mrs McCarthy: Here is some excellent lore from Year 10 student James Dwyer, elaborating on the characters from some of his fantasy writing. Thanks for sharing, James!


The Enchanters of Milenia: 

In the beginning, the Gods created Milenia - a world of green and blue and beauty. It seemed in all the world that it was perfect. The gods prided themselves on their world. There was one above all else in particular who took it upon himself to destroy his family; the god of chaos and destruction... Charos. He was jealous that he had to share 'his' world with the others, and therefore, devised a plan to imprison them. He conquered them with his might, and imprisoned them deep within the world, imprisoning them in a chamber of unbreakable chains of earth and fire. It is this moment when Charos took the world for himself, covering it in a great mist of red and black, claiming Milenia as the world of Charos. 

A thousand years passed, and the Gods had regained some of their strength, but not enough to escape their prison. Instead of using the little power they had toward escaping, the Gods began to chant. They chanted in their own ancient tongues, their voices echoing from the ground, creating a great quake in the ground. From the ground of the world, the sky turned red in one single spot -  which spawned a swarm of meteorites that had a direct collision course with the world. Before impact, most of the meteorites burned up, being obliterated in a matter of seconds. 

Out of the many there were, only eight survived, and were scattered around the world. With a loud entrance onto the now frail land of Milenia, there emerged people from them, almost as if the rocky exterior was a cocoon to shield them from harm. It was here, that the Gods' greatest servants came from, the Enchanters. For many years, the eight wandered, avoiding the red mist at all costs, as they feared the way it looked. As the years went by, they had created homes for themselves, not knowing that they were destined for something more. 

For many hundreds of years they lived, and it seemed that they could not age. It was only when they obtained a great age, did each of them discover their powers of magic and enchantments. It was only when they had learned to read the stars, did they understand, coming from them many years ago. Not know where they were going, each of them journeyed far from their homes, following their gut on which direction to take. After many years, they reunited, all eight. Though they did not know each other at first, they felt like they knew each other. 

It was at this time that they received a message from the gods of their destinies, and together, they would go on to defeat Charos and banish the mist to which came of the God. His body was ripped of his soul, and his soul became trapped in a glass orb, becoming an aura of evil, never used by any of the enchanters. Once the Gods were freed from their chamber of solitude, they began work on the creation of the inhabitants of the world. All different creatures were created in the different images of the Gods. 

Humanity was created first, and soon, Centaur came to inhabit the forests, the Dwarves and Goblins would come to call the mountains their home - just to name a few. The first great city of man was named Ethilok, which resided in the country of Rethomar. The Enchanters would call this place home, protecting its citizens from harm of war. The Enchanters created their own order many years later... the Order of Ethilok. 


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POPSTARS! The 90's Musical

Posted by Gleeson College on 28 June 2021
POPSTARS! The 90's Musical
We are excited to announce our 2021 Musical Production... POPSTARS! The 90's Musical

July 21, 22 + 23, 7pm at the Golden Grove Arts Theatre *COVID-Safe event

TICKETS ON SALE NOW > https://gleeson.college/popstarsthe90smusical
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Posted by Gleeson College on 15 December 2020
YEAR 12 RESULTS 2020 > Congratulations to our 2020 Dux of College Lara Copeland and Proxime Accessit Chelsea Rulla! We congratulate all students in our Class of 2020 and wish them every success in their life journey beyond school. #withoneheart

2021 STATIONERY ORDERS > Campion Education

Posted by Gleeson College on 2 November 2020
2021 STATIONERY ORDERS > Campion Education

Welcome to the Class of 2021!

Campion Education are our preferred supplier for stationery and resources in 2021.

If you have any questions regarding the stationery requirements for your child, please contact the relevant Learning Area Leader at the College on 8282 6600.

Kate Morgante, Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning


Click below to download our 2021 Stationery Requirements List + Ordering Instructions for each year level (pdf) >

Gleeson College Stationary List + Ordering Instructions > YEAR 7 2021

Gleeson College Stationary List + Ordering Instructions > YEAR 8 2021

Gleeson College Stationary List + Ordering Instructions > YEAR 9 2021

Gleeson College Stationary List + Ordering Instructions > YEAR 10 2021

Gleeson College Stationary List + Ordering Instructions > YEAR 11 2021

Gleeson College Stationary List + Ordering Instructions > YEAR 12 2021

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